Abrolhos Islands

Incredible choices of activities, with the sea at your back door

From March to June, as the weather in Perth begins to cool, we head north and commence our live-aboard charter options. Our first and primary destination is the amazing Abrolhos Islands , famous for the shipwreck and mutiny of the Dutch vessel “ Batavia ”, (amongst numerous others). Located offshore from the town of Geraldton the islands comprise of over one hundred coral atolls in three main groups spanning 100km from north to south.

About the Abrolhos Islands

The Abrolhos Islands lay in the warm stream of the southward-flowing “Leeuwin Current” creating a unique and prolific marine environment including 100’s of fish species, (both tropical and temperate), a multitude of coral varieties and formations, over 90 species of sea birds, including abnormally large numbers of the majestic white breasted sea eagle, and whales, dolphins, seals and sea lions.

About Live Aboard Charters

The format of our live-aboard charters is the whole of the boat for your group of up to six passengers; this allows us to be fully flexible and can customize your charter to suit your interests, enthusiasm and the weather on a day to day basis. Clients also have a choice of which island group or groups they wish to visit as we have several beautiful safe anchorages in each group. Charters depart/return from Geraldton or you may choose to take a light plane or helicopter flight to or from Rat or East Wallaby islands to experience the Abrolhos from the air.

Daily activities we can offer

  • Fishing – shallow water bottom fishing for baldchin, coral trout, trevally etc.
  • Deep water bottom fishing for dhufish, snapper, emperor, cod etc.
  • Light tackle sport fishing for mackerel, mahi-mahi, tuna, etc.
  • Heavy tackle game fishing for blue/black/striped marlin, wahoo, tuna etc
  • Mid to deep water jigging for samson fish, yellowtail kingfish, coral trout etc
  • Diving – unlimited snorkeling options, including marine reserves, dive trails, wrecks and friendly fish and wildlife, etc all available in shallow waters.
  • Scuba dive the deep drop-offs and caves, etc.(we have limited space for dive bottles and no refill facilities).
  • Eco – sightseeing, wildlife/bird watching or photography, historical tours, etc.
  • Just lazing in the autumn sun with a good book, (Islands of the Angry Ghosts).

What to Bring on Your Trip

You only need to bring suitable clothing, bedding, camera with lots of film/memory, own dive gear (some basic snorkel gear on board), your favorite fishing rod if you wish and your drinks of choice. We will provide the beautifully comfortable and functional vessel “Jude”, over 20 years experience at the Abrolhos, fishing tackle, bait, unlimited fresh water, and the best sights and experiences the Abrolhos has to offer.

Full Service on Board

Our crew will prepare and serve all meals, act as fishing or snorkeling guides, rig tackle, clean and fillet your catch (we encourage catch and release of several species of fish), cryovac bag and freeze your catch to take home (subject to fisheries regulations), provide informative commentary/descriptions/historical facts, etc (tall tales and true).

Jude features

  • 20 years experience
  • Fast and comfortable and fully equipped vessel
  • Uses only state of the art equipment
  • Chair or stand-up angling
  • Coaching for beginners
  • Multiple tournament winners
  • Consistent fish raiser

Highlights for the trip

  • Fantastic fishing – from dhufish to marlin
  • Awesome diving – a snorkel is all you need to experience a wonderland of coral, shipwrecks, tame fish and an endless variety of marine life
  • Surfing – with names like Super-Tubes it speaks for itself
  • Eco tours – bird-watching, whales, seals, dolphins and island tours etc.
  • Shipwrecks – history abounds amongst the islands
  • Seafood – incredible choices, fresh from the sea literally at the back door

Best times of year

March to June

Booking information

  • Up to six people per group
  • You only need to bring suitable clothing, bedding, camera with lots of film/memory, own dive gear (some basic snorkel gear on board), your favorite fishing rod if you wish and your drinks of choice

Want to get away even further?

At the end of our Abrolhos season (aprox early June) we are available for fully customized expedition charters further afield. All enquiries looked at on an individual basis.